5 Benefits of Installing a New Deck Before Winter

5 Benefits of Installing a New Deck Before Winter

5 Benefits of Installing a New Deck Before Winter

Posted on July 4th, 2023

A home is often considered a reflection of its owner's tastes and priorities. 

Enhancing its exterior not only amplifies its curb appeal but also adds tangible value to the property. One such renovation, both functional and visually pleasing, is a deck. 

As we find ourselves on the cusp of winter, the consideration of adding or renovating a deck becomes even more pressing. 

Why? Because there's a unique charm to enjoying a snowfall from the warmth of a well-built deck, hot cocoa in hand. 

More than the aesthetics, a deck built before winter offers a myriad of benefits, some of which might be surprising. 

LAH Construction Corp specializes in ensuring that homeowners maximize these benefits, turning homes in Queens, Brooklyn, and beyond into winter-ready havens.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality

When contemplating home renovations, homeowners often strive to achieve a balance between beauty and usability. A deck stands as a testament to this balance, seamlessly integrating both aesthetics and functionality into one's living space. As the transition between the comfort of the indoors and the allure of the outdoors, a deck becomes an essential part of one's home.

Beautifying Your Exterior

A deck serves as more than just a structural addition. It's an artistic statement, elevating the overall visual appeal of a residence. With the right decking wood and design, it complements the architectural style, making homes in neighborhoods from Queens to Staten Island stand out.

Versatile Uses of Decks

Beyond beauty, a deck brings versatility to daily living. It provides the perfect setting for family dinners under the stars, weekend barbeques with friends, or a peaceful oasis for morning reflections. This space becomes an extension of the living area, offering homeowners a multitude of ways to enjoy their property.

Increased Home Value

Property investments are not just about the present but also about envisioning the future. A well-constructed deck offers both immediate enjoyment and long-term financial returns. By adding this feature, homeowners ensure their property remains competitive and appealing in the market.

ROI of Adding a Deck

For those considering selling their home in the future, a deck proves to be a worthy investment. Numerous real estate studies have indicated that houses with decks often fetch a higher selling price. The return on investment (ROI) for deck additions is impressive, assuring homeowners that their investment is not just about immediate pleasure but also future profitability.

Enhancing Appeal to Potential Buyers

A deck, especially one built with quality in mind like those by LAH Construction Corp, acts as a magnet for potential buyers. In bustling areas like Brooklyn or Manhattan, outdoor space is at a premium. A beautiful, sturdy deck becomes a selling point, often making properties more attractive to potential buyers and setting them apart in listings.

Winter Entertainment and Utility

As the crisp air of winter approaches, homes begin to transform into cozy sanctuaries against the cold. While many may believe that outdoor spaces become redundant during this season, a well-designed deck proves otherwise, extending the realm of possibilities even during the chillier months.

Hosting Winter Gatherings

There's a special charm to gathering outdoors during the winter. With a deck in place, homeowners can host winter barbecues, holiday gatherings, or simply enjoy a tranquil evening wrapped in blankets, watching the snowfall. Such moments become memorable, with the deck serving as the stage for these winter-time experiences.

Additional Space for Winter Activities

A sturdy deck isn't just for summer cookouts. It can be transformed into a winter play area for children, a storage space for winter gear, or even a spot for winter gardening for those with a green thumb. With creativity, the utility of a deck can be maximized throughout the year.

Safety and Durability

The onset of winter often brings with it concerns about home maintenance and safety. Icy conditions, snow build-up, and cold winds can take a toll on home exteriors. However, when investing in a quality deck construction, homeowners gain peace of mind, knowing their deck is built to endure.

Robust Deck Construction with LAH Corp

Choosing professionals like LAH Corp for deck installation ensures not just aesthetic excellence but also robustness and safety. With expertise spanning across various NYC boroughs, LAH Corp specializes in crafting decks that withstand the harshest winter conditions, ensuring the safety of your family and longevity of the structure.

Preventing Winter Damage

A newly installed deck, especially when constructed with top-tier decking wood and techniques, reduces the risk of winter-related damages. Old decks can warp, rot, or become hazardous with slippery patches. In contrast, a freshly built deck, prepared for winter, can prevent these issues, providing a safer outdoor space during the colder months.

Ease of Winter Maintenance

Even the most ardent lover of winter can't deny the season's demands in terms of home maintenance. With snowfalls, chilly winds, and freezing temperatures, home exteriors are particularly vulnerable. But with a newly built deck, much of this winter upkeep can be streamlined.

Minimizing Winter Upkeep

A brand new deck, especially one constructed by experts like LAH Construction Corp, inherently demands less maintenance than an older, weather-beaten structure. Modern decking wood and construction techniques are designed to resist and repel the challenges of winter, from heavy snow loads to icy conditions.

Timely Renovations Prevent Bigger Issues

Postponing deck renovations or installations until after winter can result in more significant problems and expenses in the future. A deck installed before winter, equipped with the latest protective measures, can fend off potential damages, ensuring homeowners face fewer unexpected repair costs when spring arrives.

Embracing Winter: The Final Deck-laration

As the vibrant hues of fall give way to the silver serenity of winter, homes across NYC boroughs from Brooklyn to the Bronx prepare to face the frosty embrace of the season. 

Yet, in this transition lies an opportunity: the chance to upgrade and enhance your living space with the addition of a deck. Not just any deck, but one that promises aesthetic splendor, functional versatility, and the durability to withstand winter's whims. 

The benefits of installing a deck before winter are manifold, as highlighted above. They transform your space, increase property value, offer winter entertainment, and provide safety. But beyond these tangible advantages, a deck adds soul to a home. It's a space of memories, laughter, and moments frozen in time. As we gear up for winter, now is the moment to take that transformative step. Let your home be a testament to foresight, preparation, and elegance.

Get in touch with LAH Corp today for a journey into crafting your perfect winter-ready deck, or contact us directly at [email protected]. Your home's winter story awaits your deck-laration!

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